Manhattan Trip & Film Update

New York was a blast. We stayed with Thomas and Dayana in Brooklyn. Their apartment was close to Prospect Park, so we got to take the F train into the city and catch a bit of above ground sunshine before things went dark. 

The subway felt much safer than in Los Angeles. There were families aboard at all times of night, and I didn't ever feel threatened or unsafe. That was a surprise compared to earlier visits. New York definitely seems like it is getting safer and safer. 

I spent most of my trip working with Thomas on the film. I thought we were going to be raising money, but we spent a majority of our time on the website and casting. That was fine by me. I like working with actors. 

We got to meet several potential players for the film. They were all very professional, kind, and passionate about the material. That was probably the best part of the trip. They were all excited about the script, and that was an extra boost for both Thomas and I, since we had no idea what the film would sound like read aloud. 

So Gee spent most of her days scouring Soho's jewelry shops for her world domination of the jewelry design business. Occasionally, we got to meet in the evenings to catch a movie or have a bite to eat. In the picture (above), we all decided to see Coraline in 3-D. So Gee was totally into it. I fell asleep, which is not necessarily a reflection of the film, but how hard I've been working lately. 

Thomas worked hard as well. He managed to get everything filmed and put together a little piece for potential investors. He has an incredible reservoir of energy. I think it might be all the martial arts training. That's why I'm working out daily now. Hopefully, that non-stop energizer bunny will be me one day.

When things slowed down in New York, they still seemed fast. I couldn't help but notice that everyone was working when they were relaxing, as you can see from this triple threat of laptops and simultaneous oscar watching. In fact, Thomas and Dayana probably create a lot of time for themselves by not having cable or watching television. We had to all chip in to get the antennas hooked up to the television to watch the end of the Oscars. 

My favorite meal in New York was at Silver Spurs in Union Square. They had this yogurt parfait job with honey. It was way too good. 

So was Franky boy's visit from West Chester. I didn't expect him to make it up, but he did. We got to practice a little jam session, drink some Guiness, and discuss Downtown Harvest and his role in helping us with the music for the film. 

Once I started playing with Frank, it was like no time had passed between us at all. I look forward to how he will help us on the film, and the potential Slipshod record that might come soon after.

By the end of the week, I was feeling great about the potential of the film. I can tell things are going in the right direction. We only have to come up with some creative ways to raise funds. Who knows? Maybe, we will. Maybe, we'll have to hire someone who is better at it than us. I have no idea. Either way, I look forward to seeing what happens. 

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