Married on Paper as of 9-11-08: Festivities Ensue

So Gee and I are now officially married on paper. We have no idea when we will have a ceremony. Our guess is that it'll happen once we get situated in Los Angeles. I have no idea though. I still haven't met her father. That happens tomorrow. Apparently, we're supposed to go mountain hiking. That sounds fun. I'm sure everything will be perfect as it is. 

As far as other festivities, we did get to hang out with some of our special friends in Korea during the week. 

Dustin is getting a book published. He also wants to be set-up on another date. "I promise I'll be nicer this time," he says. 

So Gee gets shuffleboard tips from David K - otherwise known as the "all knowing Oz".

I took this photo while standing on a sewer grate in Itaehwon. I like pictures like this. I like cities when they feel just like this.

We crashed a wedding. I was supposed to meet and hob knob with So Gee's best friends. I didn't know this. I talked to Loren about gambling the whole time. Then we gambled. I lost $100 in five minutes. Loren made $400.  

This past Sunday I had pancakes with walnuts and bananas. I have been eating a lot of desserts. I think they taste good. 

So Gee's favorite restaurant is a Mexican place near the apartment. I like it when they let me wear a sombrero. 

June and David are about to lose to So Gee and Seul Gi in a mad-crazy game of shuffleboard. 

Loren prefers Jenga.



this makes me feel oh so very happy. i wish i could be there with ya'll! :)

Nancy and Sonny said...


Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Thank you, Stacy, Sonny, and Nancy. We will be seeing you all soon. : )