Still Alive

I went to Hwa Gye Sah Temple today. The first time since I got sick in December. As you can guess, that means I am feeling better. It looks like I may have conquered this Asian bug. According to ex-pats living here, their first years were filled with sickness. Luckily, I have only gotten sick this winter. If all goes well, I hope this will be the last time I get sick for a while. 

As of now, I am making most of my meals myself. I cook Persian food. It's a bit expensive to buy all the ingredients, but I need to keep the body healthy. That is why, I am now in salmon and rice heaven. This is all I eat, along with the occasional yogurt. It is definitely making me stronger.

In the coming month, I will be moving into Jim Goar's old apartment as he heads back to the states. I have no idea what that will be like. Jim says he has put some good energy in the place. I am sure he has. The man will be missed, but he has other fish to fry in England.

As far as myself, I will be starting work at the new university, and see how it goes. If the summer finds me with another opportunity, I might go that route. For now, I will be writing a novel, making cute paintings, a few comics, and working on the next record.

Speaking of record, it looks like The Slipshod Swingers now have an official publicist. William Brierly of Snowrunner Productions has agreed to do promotions for the next couple months. That means you might be hearing Slipshod on the radio soon. If you have a particular station or print magazine, where you would like to hear or read about the Swingers, then send me an e-mail, and I'll pass on the tip.

In other news, I will be interviewing Chris Killen in the next few days. I am excited about his new book, and have had fun reading it on the various modes of public transport that have taken me in and around this city. 

Anything else?

I am excited for spring. 

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