Panauh Produces on KRS One Record!!

My youngest brother, Panauh, is tearing up the Hollywood music scene. He humbly informed me that he helped produce three tracks on the latest KRS One record, Adventures in Emceeing, and received credit for one - all at the age of 21!

I am proud of you, little bro!! You got one of your dreams neatly in the package. Way to keep working hard and shining bright. I will see you in Hollywood in July. 

For those of you in Hollywood that are looking for the kindest and most innovative producer, fresh beats for your latest project, or even just advice on how to go about dominating Pro Tools, Logic, and Reason, you can catch up with this virtuoso at Silent Kaos Productions in NoHO or his personal page.

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Panauh said...

i mixed 3 tracks not produced...