Slim Food Choices in Korea

The food choices in Korea are pretty slim in the area that I am living. Since my bout with gastritis, it has gotten even slimmer. I am now down to vanilla and strawberry yogurt, bananas, oranges, eggs, milk, and almond flakes. Most nights I will go to the Outback Steak House or the two other semi-American restaurants, and try and get a grilled chicken salad or a sandwich of some sort. This can be rather expensive, but my hectic schedule, lack of enthusiasm to cook on a hot plate, and limitations of such a device, place me at serious odds with pleasing my very picky tastes. Throw in my current sensitivity and inability to handle spicy foods, and that pretty much eliminates any Korean fare.

I didn't know I would take such an aversion to Korean food. Initially, I took in the spicy galbi, tak galbi, and the rest, but my aching, weak stomach simply won't have anything to do with anything remotely caliente. That is why I have considered returning to the states even more so of late. My health is important to me, and unless my next move doesn't provide a wider array of food choices, I may have to do just that.

Although this may not be the smartest of choices, considering I have a sweet girlfriend, a nice, new job, and for all intense purposes, a rather happy existence - I am not sure that I will have the choice to remain if my health continues to deteriorate.

As of this moment, I have ceased all tobacco products of any kind. I am hoping this will make an improvement. The only other thing I can do is continue to eat the fruit, vegetables, and cereal that I have available.

[imaginary glass is lifted]

Here is to hoping I see a turnaround.

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