Transistor Radio: Pay the Bills!

It seems like songs are pouring out of me. I found "Pay the Bills" after I sat with a tasty drum combo for a few minutes. Sara G. sings on the choruses. It's definitely a tasty addition to Transistor Radio. I am enjoying putting this album together.

If there are folks who would like to guest on the record, let me know. I know the DTH, Temperance, and others will be making an appearance. Who knows? Maybe, even a track with SUPERKIDD. Hit me up, if you're game.

"Pay the Bills" is now live here.


Bret said...

first off "Pay the Bills" is super dope. one of your finest jams.
second, of course i'd love to guest on the album, whatever you need just let me know.
peace brotha,

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

sounds good. i'll be dropping something to you on email. let me know if there are any shareware programs you use.