JWG said...

I imagine myself on a 13 inch black and white (TV). Dirty mind. This lonely thing is ok. Does the Kid know about Annie?


Sean Mac said...

Pirooz - I hope you stop by the Pobre site and I hope you send us one of these for a submission. I love them - and how they are growing - making a world for themselves - have i told you that?


Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...
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Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Thanks, guys. Jim, do you mean the twins? The Kid? I'm sure he does. Of course, fictional worlds are colliding with reality and vice-versa on these comic poems. It is a fun practicing board right now. I do not have a desk or a room, so I have gone back to just paper and pen. The comic poems have been the result.

Thanks, Kyle for thinking of me for El Pobre. It would be an honor to have these published there. Since you have shown such a strong reaction to this one in particular, and because your e-mail was a major factor in its conception, maybe this is the piece you would like. I don't know. I will send this one to you as a collection of jpegs. If you need another format, let me know.

My heart is buzzing on this next novel. I also see a possibility for making a novel entirely of these comic poems. Maybe, I will do both. I have no idea.

It actually makes me think of innovaion. Jim, a year ago, you and I were riffing about innovation. There was no definite answer. I still don't have one, but I find it fascinating how being limited in tools, and completely clueless in how to use them, tends to produce strange, new forms. Do you guys find this hapeening for you? Does anyone else notice that when you have a paperclip, a ping pong table, and a dozen battleship models, that you end up with something like Star Wars?

Maybe that's what was so appealing about that first film. They had to come up with it on the fly. I am big fan of the fly fishing. Jim, I think your concept of the 'hitchiker' as the initial poetic transformation that transforms from a beautiful woman, to a disfigured old man, is similar to this.

I don't know what I'm going to get when I fish. I also don't have CGI for the animation. It's just me and the pen. Just me and what Anne Waldman called my over-use of 'romantic language.'

I like it though. It works for me. It is as honest and true as I can make it. Sometimes romantic flourishes and grand statements match the way I live my life. I am very Oscar Wilde that way. This pretension with a bit of panache. I have no idea.

And, truth be told, that changes day by day. When Ann told me, to get political and switch my language to being more 'complicated' she served me a great gift--rebellion. I asked if that was true. And when I realized poetry/writing could be anything, I had to throw away everything I learned at Naropa.

Only I knew best what was right for me. This wasn't based on being language good or bad. It was just matching what I wanted and needed for my work to resonate with me.

This was when my love for Hemingway or Carver or any other refined sentence maker dropped away, and I found fly fishing in its wake. I saw HEARTSPEAK come with an overwhelming thump. I read the Sufis. I opened my eyes to possibility. I danced with a turtle. I rode an elephant.

I much prefer writing/art that is on safari. Maybe, this was what Hemingway loved about hunting. The search.

Of course, there is a difference. I don't have to kill sentences to make them mine. I am more like, "Sentence, LIVE," and I kiss it or hump its leg, and it bounces up like a bunny or shakes more goodies inside like a pinata.

Yeah, I'm just riffing here. It's Friday. 8:37 AM. I've got my last day of work before the weekend--before I get to sit at the Sabe, before Stacey and I go to the bookstore, before I run through Griffith Park. Man, good times.

Thank you, guys, so much for your love and support. It means a lot to me. It keeps me going, and fills me with so much happiness. Thank you.

I am growing each day I read your blogs and the blogs in our community. I will be so excited to read these upcoming magazines: Blackbird, El Pobre, and Perry's Ellipsis. I am so happy to be a part of these wonderful artists.

Look at my sleeve! It's dripping. Ha. Well, I have 60 crunches to do and a date with other morning routines. I will write more when I have the chance. Until then, tell me if you two have ever found yourself limited with tools that you didn't want, and how that changed the art you created. I would be interested in hearing about that for both of you, as well as all other who are reading this post.



sara* said...

hi pirooz

i love yr blog, and what you are doing here. i find myself as well taking everything i learned at naropa and throwing away what i don't need. perhaps "throwing away" isn't quite the right phrase--maybe just putting it out of use. its all there, but i don't want to write like anne waldman either--i want to write like me. the heart must be somewhere in the poem. i'm always searching for something that hits me in the gut especially, often i find that can be woven in with sound and image.

love losing tools. love these handwritten poem/comics. would definatly like you to send some for pobre mouse, concurring with kyle. i haven't written anything on the computer lately--all typewriter and notebook. i'm compelled to go back to making art that is scratchy, with the rhythm of the hand.
hope you've been playing music lately. i've tried to pick up my guitar again--its been a long time.

much love, sara*

Stacy Elaine said...

go go gadget bookstore and sabe y cultura! the old coffee shop on allan and i's new street! (we got the place)....

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Yeah, the tools are there. I hear you, Sara. Thanks for the double deuce. I hear that. Going to Naropa was such a blessing. I am so glad we are still in contact.

Yeah, I'll send you guys whatever you want. I'll send a couple pieces and you can choose. So happy to ba a part of scratchy things.

I am now learning the bass guitar. I play in The Persian Rugs. I also have been writing albums to go with my novels. This third one I did, "Quality Love Control," has a good album with it. Very fun stuff. Scratchy as well.

I will be doing another for this new novel. I will send you a copy of the cd or books if you like. Just e-mail me at

Okay...I'm at work. I had another thought after a little minimize action--isn't it amazing how much closer we all are. It's like outside of Naropa, outside of an academic writing community, a real community started.

I almost feel like Blogging may be the future for all writers. I can't wait to com e Frisco, and see you guys. I have not been there ever. Now that I'm so close. Let me know when #3 comes out, and I'll come down and read something. Maybe, even present a film of these comics. Who knows?
Decheux! You crazy monster! I told you that you would get the place. Now, maybe I need to get that 1 br on Gramercy. Then we will live right next to each other and be so close to the Sabe y Cultura. Ah, heaven.

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Stacy Elaine said...

yes, that would be perfect. you in the one bedroom across the street. painting parties and early coffee only a few steps away. . . you and i could work at the cultura. cookin' up the brew. high fivin' the customers. eeeeeeeek. i am crazy.

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Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

What the hell is this ad stuff? How do I get rid of it?

JWG said...

it is mad. I saw it on another blog. think if you take out annony comments, they will go away.

We work with what we have. we take our tools (both mental and physical) and go from there. Somedays i want more, but most of the time, i am happy with what i got. Just work work work like that Bee.

I bought two altman movies (mcabe and mrs miller & nashvile). watched M & M yesterday. will watch nashville right now.

was about to post and i saw that you had this annony thing taken care of.

I just wrote occbf