P: Yesterday we were riffing on “Kick” from INXS, would this be a track that makes your top ten?

Michelangelo: Maybe back in the eighties, but I like the new stuff these days. I remember buying that album though because of the gator skateboard they feature on the cassettes sleeve. Around 86/87 skateboarding was gaining mainstream popularity and it was so dope to see it associated with a band that cool, seemingly outta nowhere.

P: Are you planning on bringing the skating world into your music? Is skating or the attitude behind skating present in your music today?

Michelangelo: Well when I skate I’m always rappin or singin songs and it really gets me focused and less worried about spraining an ankle or something like that so yeah, there are plenty of companies out there I support that are underground, and if my success can garner them success, then let’s be successful together. Synergy you know, and yeah, skating, you’re a loner, rapping, it’s me against the world. It’s all about self progression. I got beef with my self, I gotta be better than me - that’s the biggest battle there is.

P: What do you mean by being “better than you?” Is that a spiritual tip in line with the half pipe?

Michelangelo: I’m street skater from dusk till dawn – Love Park r.i.p. – so I don’t know much about half pipes, but every show I play I want to be better than the last. Every song I write, better than the last, that’s what I’m talking about, a constant progression. It has more to do with skill, motivation and determination than spirituality. I mostly pray for my family, friends, enemies, and forgiveness.

P: I feel you. Tell me more about your first project “Art Life.”

Michelangelo: Call and response!! Back in 99 MC Escher and I wrote rhymes and made beats sampling whatever soundbytes we could, developed a theory behind our group “The Starving Artists” and about a year later finished the ten song album. We made it for ourselves and our friends primarily. The ideas of not spending any money on the album or “starving the art”

Michelangelo from The Starving Artists will be opening for DIGITAL UNDERGROUND at 14 BELOW

Tix on sale NoW!! Hit ME


Delia True said...

"Gimme a soft subtle mix, and if it ain't broke then don't try to fix it."

-DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, "Summertime"

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Oh, yeah oh yeah. Let's make it funky!

I am very excite for the show. I got my ticket yesterday.