Stars & Cars

Los Angeles is such a strange city. I was just talking to a friend, when I noticed Peele from Kay & Peele sitting having a coffee -- and then Thom Yorke bumped into me on the sidewalk. That seems pretty crazy to me - such a stark contrast (between me and them) and so many stars simultaneously that I'm literally knocking into them. But that's the funny thing -- sometimes I might talk to folks, but more often than not, Los Angeles is a deeply silent city, where people rarely start-up conversations with anyone.

The only place I find conversations easiest is with Lyft drivers.

Cars are somehow still these intimate spaces where you can unveil yourself to a certain extent and hear about a driver's history with the Russian mafia, the latest gadget for holding a steering wheel, or the long-story-short of a famous musician from Iowa/Utah/Ohio who drives on the side for fun.