Silencing Tatanka

I had a nice moment meditating this morning. No, it wasn't the meditating itself. That was horrible as usual, but I did have a funny thing happen while meditating. Usually, I've only had Meow-Meow around during sits. She walks up, says hello, and then goes and lies down to give me space. Well, now we have the kitten, Tatanka, and she doesn't understand what's happening. She walks up and sits in my lap and starts crying. I pet him a couple times and then look up at Meow-Meow who is sleeping on my desk.

"Hey, Meow-Meow," I say. "Can you do something about this?"

Then, I swear to God, Meow-Meow jumps down from the desk licks the kitten and then puts her arm over it. The kitten thinks Meow-Meow's playing, so he hisses and tries to jump away, but Meow-Meow don't play that. She just puts her full weight on him, bites his back, and then licks him.

The kitten didn't stay that way for long. It was up and running around shortly after, but Meow-Meow did solve the problem. Tatanka wasn't crying anymore.

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