Fall Update

I am finally down to two jobs and movie making. That means I have more time to take long walks, run, and do some writing. This week I am writing another screenplay for the next movie. I am curious what will happen. Everyday I've gotten up to write and I've been consumed with Hayao Miyazaki films. I've watched about five films in the past ten hours. They usually have the same theme of man vs. nature. Typically, there's a strong female heroine who stands up to some evil and finds herself. They are powerful films.

I would like to make an animated film as good as the ones Miyazaki is putting out. Maybe I will. Who knows?

Now it's late at night. It's just me and Meow-Meow up. She's curled up on the desk behind a portrait of my great grandmother.

I might watch another Miyazaki film. I might just turn into a forest spirit and listen to the wind.