Lord of the Rings and Other Things!

Taking Jim's advice, the first thing I did when I landed in Los Angeles was to have some pizza. 

"It'll help with the jet lag," Jim told me. 

I don't know if it helped, but it was good. We went to this place in West Hollywood. I think it was called Vito's. There was a picture of Marky Mary with the owner thumb-tacked to the Coke machine. I was like, "Shit! Marky Mark eats here!!" Then, I ate. 

Eating was also part of the celebration when I saw Stacy as well. The first night we had sushi; the second was all about deep fried Tolkienesque rings. 

Alan and So Gee ate them all, along with the fried pickles. Stacy and I stuck to the drinky-drinks, which is probably why we didn't make our morning meeting the next day. 

That's okay. We'll catch up in a few months. Besides, I can see Alan in the Superbowl commercial for the next year anyway. It'll be like we're living together. Sheesh!

My time in Los Angeles would not be complete without an Orange Lamborghini. I caught this one on Hollywood and Western. I was like, "Uh, mmm-hmmm, yeah!! Oh, yeah!!" I sounded a lot like Dax Shepard from Idiocracy

I loved this graffiti image of the President on Melrose. I think Obama as Superman is pretty cool. 

My brother as Superman would be better though. Towards the end of our stay, we got to take Panauh out to The Dresden, where he laughed it up with Marty from the famed Marty & Elayne of Swingers fame - but he'd never know that. Panauh just kept giving him the pointed finger A.K.A. "I'm a hotshot-ratpack-mule-ready to sing", and then said to the waitress: "Do you have a tropical wine?"

"What?" she asks. "What is a tropical wine?"

"Just give me uh....um..."

The waitress mimics extreme impatience by snapping her pen against the clipboard in her other hand. "I've got all day," she says.

"Give me a Jim Beam on the rocks!"

The rest of the table explodes into riotous laughter, myself included. I have not ever heard of "tropical wine", and to top it with "Jim Beam on the rocks" as a somewhat askew second was just too much for my comedic mind to not single out as sheer genius of umpteen proportions; especially for the fact that the comedy was unintentional.

The waitress guffawed and gave a harrumph before she exited to get the drink. It wasn't until her return with the Jim Beam that her witty tally came back for a brief touche: "Your tropical wine," she said, with just the right amount of sarcasm, and placed his JB on the table. It's no wonder that she's probably another one of those fab actresses in Hollywood, dishing it out before starlet status comes a knocking. 

Speaking of starlets, Jesse and So Gee had fun whooping it up with the best of them. If you even looked at them with a heretofore mentioned off-glance that just narrowly missed their bosom on Saturday, you just might swear that you saw an actress that was on Lie to Me or a newly married jewelry designer with an international disposition.  

My famous wife had no idea I was officially renamed during a bowling incident, until after her pins were knocked down and she resumed to notice others around her (she concentrates with immense focus). It was as So Gee was bowling down another strike (she had 16 that day), that I did a minor dance reminiscent of the Cos, and was thus propelled into a new name status: Perosby!

The above reaction is to my Perosby dance, which I can say is quite something to behold when seen in close proximity. 

So Gee did not seem to find any interest in any of my dances. 

Here she is bowling her 12th strike of the day. She was a machine and more; if you'll notice her slightly falling blouse, pulled ever so loosely across her shoulder, made her more than the muscle of our bowling team - she was the blood and guts as well. "Brava, Miss Style!" may we all say in a humble bow.

To end this small litany of contagious photos of joy, here is a fabulous-o pick of Miss Gee taking a hike in Griffith Park. Not to be thwarted by any of the other hikers and their posh outfits, she decided to scale a small mountain to express her supremacy once and for all. 

(Shortly after this photo was taken, a dog peed on me.)


jwg said...

Loved all these photos. Pizza is good. Wish you had the dog on camera.

Anonymous said...

yeah! what fun! :)

hooray . . . .


Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

The dog was too fast.

John Posatko said...

Sorry I missed you when you were here, bro. I had a wicked dream about Slipshod the other night. I must have known you were close by. Have fun in NY.