MacGyver Reading, Video Chatting, and Food Photos

I enjoyed the MacGyver Poetry Reading. There were a lot of fun pieces. I especially liked Ken's story about Mr. Biggles. It made me want to get a bad Christmas present just to be like the main character.

I suppose that the next reading will be in a bigger venue. Loren and I both thought it was only going to be us that showed up. That is why we'll be sure to set-up a bar/outside venue for the December 7th, Airwolf Storytelling Celebration. Who knows? I might even make fliers.

I have been reading things on the web. It must be winter. I tend to read a lot in the winter. I even bought Piercing by Ryu Murakami. It is flat so far. Maybe, it'll get better. I am also reading Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates. The film adaptation by Sam Mendes is due out in weeks. The trailer looks pretty good.

I am already planning what will happen upon my return to America. The apartment has been set-up. The film production is still under way. Boxes are being packed. And I am very ready to to see what will transpire in the next six months. It might be one of the most exciting whirlwinds of my life: marriage, Los Angeles, NY, Brooklyn, movie, Ohio, road trip, Los Angeles, getting a job, surviving, not dying, and sunshine, lots of sunshine.

At night, I sing songs to So Gee about what will happen. We do this through video chat.

I think video chatting has saved my life three or four times. Even when I'm all alone, sometimes I video chat with a ghost. He says his name is Mortimer. He lives on Sixth Avenue. I don't know what city. I don't even know if he's speaking English. I like his bed though. It makes me want to own the same kind when I move. I tell him this. Twice. Then another apparition appears. It is not like Mel Gibson's made for TV movie version of Hamlet. It is more like Kevin Costner's Field of Dreams. In fact, it is Kevin Costner. We talk about his career. I say to make a sequel to Dances with Wolves. He says that I spend too much time eating and not making fabulous art. I don't argue with him. Costner knows how to make a poet bleed. He's a poet himself.

Today I bought meditation cushions in Insadong. I plan on meditating every day of my life for at least 20 minutes in the mornings. I will see if this can be my new religion. I will probably make this last for 17 days.

Mortimer: Your religions are as easy to pick as numbers on a Roulette board. Now if you could only learn how to play Baccarat.

I also keep taking pictures of food advertisements in Seoul. I have not eaten anything I've photographed. They partially scare me and make me convulse. That is why I photograph them. I am facing my fears. I also see my next painting. It is called Barney Newman.

I wonder if I can make colors bleed in horizontal stripes like food on a plate.

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