YOUR LA, Downtown Harvest, and Other Global Happenings

It looks like things are rolling away in my world and elsewhere. I got the good news that both my brothers are due for promotions in their respective jobs with NBC and Track Records, so I couldn't be happier. I even got another dose of my brother, Paiman, on his show, Your LA. It was fabulously funny, as he took time out to attend a hosting school in Los Angeles.

"Just be the host full time," I told him. "You're a natural."

"But I have no experience in it," he laughed. "I'm an editor and director."

"That's what makes it so perfect," I told him. "You're a faux host. People will eat that shit up."

Who knows? Maybe, he will have his own show soon. I might even have to head back to L.A., and help him out. There are so many possibilities in the cards. As of now, I am debating between producing in Hollywood, or living it up in New York. I've got oodles of friends in both places, so I might spend half the year in each city. No concrete decisions though. I have told myself that in September I'll have an answer. Until then, it's Dr. Peppers and yogurt sodas all around.

As far as other bitchin' news, I did get an email from Fitz of the Downtown Harvest. It looks like they are in negotiations to sign with Atlantic Records. I couldn't be happier. They are a great band, and Atlantic is a great company. I couldn't think of a better fit.

To get a taste of the DTH, get their new album, or catch their CD Release Party at The World Cafe or Knitting Factory, click here.

Anything else?

Not too much. I am in the process of writing a couple books for publication. Three, to be exact. We'll see how it all plays out. Right now I have one agent interested in some crazy, top secret, make-you-want-to-cry projects. I really dig her and think she's fabulous, so who knows, we just might find something that works for both of us. If not, no biggie.

As far as the third project, I'm still trying to find someone to publish the next comic book. It's my adventures in Korea drawn really badly. I have no idea what I'll do. I might just bring it out myself. Who knows? Only time will tell.

Another record from The Slipshod Swingers is in the works. This time it's going to be country songs and "fucking" music. Stay tuned...

Watching: No Direction Home

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