SFAA: Hollywood Shoot, Part Two

Our Hollywood shoot is officially over. We had some great moments with our cast and crew. Here are some film stills from the last two days.

(Brad Warner, Bebe Zeva, and Travis McFarland)

In one of the scenes in the film, we have SAM reading at Skylight Books in Los Angeles. Two fans, AUDREY and JEFFREY meet him at the reading and they go hang out afterward. Here is a shot of our actors in the audience before the reading.

(Christi Columbo, Bebe Zeva, Travis McFarland, and Brad Warner)

After the reading, some other fans ask for autographs.

(Bebe Zeva, Travis McFarland, and Brad Warner)

Then the three main characters walk around what is supposed to be Florida and have random conversations about STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS and what foods they like to eat.

While at the park, they start throwing around an orange juice drink and it bursts after a bad throw from SAM.
(Bebe Zeva, Brad Warner, and Travis McFarland)

The threesome look down at the spilling orange juice. SAM offers to buy JEFFREY another.

(Drew Crighton, Ivan Cano, and Pirooz Kalayeh)

For our behind the scenes shots, we made use of the great acting pool in L.A. by asking random strangers to be in our film. Ivan Cano volunteered to help us, and provided some of the funniest scenes in the bookstore. I improvised with him about why he thought he was part of the fucked generation.

(Ivan Cano, Pirooz Kalayeh, Travis McFarland, and Bebe Zeva)

Then we all saluted his performance by doing a group hug and making our thumbs kiss.

(SFAA Cast, Noah Cicero and Jordan Castro in "The Body Slam")

In another behind the scenes shot, Noah body slammed Jordan. I was unsure about this, but Noah said, "Come on! It'll be funny." Then he did it. I laughed for a while.

(James Roehl)

In our last day of shooting in Hollywood, James Roehl had to play both actor and associate producer, asking one of his neighbors to stop power sawing long enough to get the goodbye scene at the end of the film.

(Bebe Zeva and Brad Warner)

I was afraid for how everything would look. Did we get the shot? Did I do well? I'm pleased to say that everything looks great thus far. Bebe, Travis, Brad, James, and Jen did a fantastic job. I couldn't ask for a better cast or crew. We are having fun, and hopefully that shows in the film as well. Onto Ohio and NYC in two weeks.

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